• Established in Osaka with a capital stock of 33million yen
  • Sales offices open in Tokyo and Osaka
  • TR-33/TR-55/TR-77 Rhythm Machines
    The first Roland-branded products
  • MEG Electronics Corporation (presently BOSS Corporation), manufacturer of effects, is established in Osaka
  • First participation at the NAMM Show in the USA
  • The Hamamatsu factory is completed
  • First participation at the Gakki Fair in Japan
  • SH-1000 Synthesizer
    Roland’s first synthesizer
  • Product Leader System is launched as an integrated system from development to production
  • EP-30 Electronic Piano
    The world’s first electronic piano with touch-sensitive keyboard
  • RE-201 Space Echo
    Pioneer of spatial effects and recognized by professional musicians as the industry standard for decades.
  • First participation at the Frankfurt Musikmesse
  • JC Series Guitar Amplifiers
    Equipped with the revolutionary stereo chorus effect, these amplifiers are still used by guitarists around the world.
  • Holds the “First Synthesizer Tape Contest” for multi-track recordings of synthesizers
  • Sales office opens in Nagoya
  • Sales partner is established in Australia
  • SYSTEM-700 Modular Synthesizer System
    Japan’s first large-scale modular synthesizer system; it was purchased by organizations such as NHK and BBC
  • CE-1 Chorus Ensemble
    The first BOSS-branded effect processor
  • Fuji Roland Corporation (presently Roland Corporation) is established in Matsumoto
  • The Takaoka factory (Hamamatsu) is completed
  • GR-500 Guitar Synthesizer
    The world’s first guitar synthesizer
  • MC-8 MicroComposer
    Roland’s first microprocessor-based music sequencer was a history-making component in the electronic music genre.
  • OD-1/SP-1/PH-1 Compact Effects
    The initial three models launched in the long-running BOSS compact effects series.
  • Sales partner is established in the USA
  • CR-68/CR-78 Rhythm Machine
    The world’s first microprocessor-based rhythm machines
  • Representative office is opened in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, as a base for expansion in the European market
  • Sales office opens in Fukuoka
  • TR-808 Rhythm Machine
    This programmable rhythm machine allowed musicians to program an entire song and achieved legendary status around the world.
  • Sales partners are established in Germany, the UK, Switzerland, Denmark and Canada
  • AMDEK Corporation (presently Roland DG Corporation), a company dealing with effects kits and computer peripherals, is established in Osaka
  • Sales offices open in Hiroshima and Sendai
  • JUPITER-8 Synthesizer
    A polyphonic-synthesizer masterpiece that was a touchstone for future synthesizer development.
  • Sales partner is established in Belgium
  • Sales office opens in Yokohama
  • Contributes significantly to the birth of MIDI*, a global standard for electronic musical instruments (*MIDI…Musical Instrument Digital Interface)
  • Sales offices open in Sapporo and Omiya
  • MSQ-700 Sequencer
    The world’s first MIDI sequencer
  • JX-3P Synthesizer
    Roland’s first synthesizer with MIDI support (along with the JUPITER-6).
  • Opens the Roland Music School in Umeda, Osaka
  • MPU-401 MIDI Processing Unit
    This interface for connecting a PC to a MIDI device was a history-making component in desktop music production.
  • Participates in international exposition “Science Expo Tsukuba ’85” Techno Cosmos pavilion
  • Opens the Roland Music School in Shibuya, Tokyo
  • α-DRUM Electronic Drums
    Roland's first electronic drum set.
  • Sales partner is established in Italy
  • The Hosoe factory (present headquarters) is completed
  • Production company is established in Taiwan
  • RD-1000 Digital Piano
    The world’s first digital piano based on digital synthesis paved the way for Roland’s history-making digital-piano family.
  • Advocates “ism” as a new way of music education with electronic musical instruments
  • Production company is established in Italy
  • Sponsors the first New Age Contest of amateur bands nationwide and the “Exploring the Future of Music” concert
  • D-50 Synthesizer
    Roland’s first fully digital synthesizer became a worldwide sensation for its stunning sound and ease of use.
  • Classic-organ production company is set up in the USA
  • Musi-Kun Desktop Music System
    Roland’s slogan was to “enjoy music on the PC” as a new type of hobby; it created a new market called “desktop music” (DTM).
  • E-20 Arranger Keyboard
    This synthesizer with automatic accompaniment let users enjoy various music styles from around the world
  • Listed in the second section of the Osaka Stock Exchange. Capital stock reaches 7.6billion yen
  • Sales partner is established in Spain
  • Participates in the “International Garden and Greenery Exposition” (Osaka) as a member of the Dairinkai
  • Distribution center (Hamamatsu) is completed in Hamamatsu
  • Sales partner is established in Hungary
  • Hamamatsu R&D Center is completed
  • RSS Roland Sound Space
    This groundbreaking system created a 3D sound space on a regular stereo device; frequently used in music and video production
  • HP-3700 Digital Piano
    A trendsetting model of the HP series, equipped with advanced SA sound generator and newly-styled furniture-like cabinet
  • Sales partner is established in Brazil
  • SC-55 Sound Canvas
    The first unit to use the GS* format, this product became a huge hit for its high-quality tones and compact design.
    *GS A specification shared among Roland products that standardizes sounds and controls via MIDI
  • A new slogan is designated to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the company’s founding
  • JV-80 Synthesizer
    This instrument's expandable sound generator concept led to many other successful products.
  • Headquarters is moved to Dojimahama, Kita-ku, Osaka
  • Miyakoda Testing Center (Hamamatsu) is completed
  • Producer System is launched as a unique system for product development
  • First issuing of unsecured convertible bonds (amount issued: 5 billion yen)
  • Music ATELIER AT-70/50 Electronic Organ
    Roland’s first series of home organs
  • Video-Kun Desktop Video
    Roland’s first video-related product allowed users to perform sophisticated video editing on their PCs
  • VG-8 V-Guitar System
    The world’s first modeling guitar system let players create a wide variety of tones on a single guitar.
  • Becomes the first musical instrument manufacturer in Japan to be certified for ISO9002, an international standard for quality assurance
  • VS-880 Digital Studio Workstation
    A revolutionary product that provided pro-quality recording and CD production; this became a global sensation from the moment it was released
  • MC-303 Groove Box
    This was Roland’s first entry into the club and DJ scene; it became a new hit in the world of dance music
  • Miyakoda factory (Hamamatsu) is completed
  • Sales partner is established in Taiwan
  • Sales partner is established in France
  • V-Drums TD-10K Electronic Drums
    Equipped with mesh heads and COSM technology, these drums were highly praised for their natural feel, tone, expression, and ease of use.
  • Sales partner is established in Portugal
  • Listed in the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • UA-100 USB Audio Interface
    The world’s first USB audio interface allowed for recording and playback of high-fidelity digital audio with a PC; this type of interface took root as an industry standard.
  • Listed in the first sections of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Stock Exchange
  • SC-8850 Sound Module
    The world's first USB-enabled MIDI sound source became the standard in DTM production.
  • VP-9000 VariPhrase Processor
    The first unit equipped with “VariPhrase,” a groundbreaking technology for independently controlling the three elements of sound in real time
  • Hamamatsu R&D Center is expanded
  • Production company is established in China
  • Roland Music Studios Corporation (presently Roland Music School) launches music schools nationwide
  • DV-7 Digital Video Workstation
    Designed specially for video editing, the system let users achieve highquality video production
  • “Roland Museum” is completed at the Hamamatsu R&D
  • The Planet program is launched in the UK
  • V-Bass V-Bass System
    The world’s first modeling bass let bassists create a wide variety of tones on a single bass.
  • Distribution company is established in China
  • V-Synth Synthesizer
    Equipped with an advanced VariPhrase and COSM engine, this synthesizer was capable of creating completely new sounds
  • Sales partners in Europe are reorganized; France and Belgium are consolidated
  • Sales partners in Spain and Portugal are merged under a new company
  • Nationwide implementation of the Roland Planet program begins in Japan
  • Fantom-X Synthesizer
    The world’s first workstation synthesizer with a color LCD
  • V-Accordion Digital Accordion
    The world’s first electronic accordion equipped with a modeling sound generator.
  • Sales partner is established in Malaysia
  • Headquarters is moved to Hosoe-cho, Hamamatsu (presently Hosoecho, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu)
  • Sales partner of professional audio and video equipment is established in the USA
  • CG-8 Visual Synthesizer
    This unit allowed users to create a variety of videos and visual effects in an instant and present them in real-time
  • Nationwide implementation of the Roland Foresta program begins in Japan
  • R-09 Portable Recorder
    This product created a new market for handheld linear PCM recorders and became a worldwide hit.
  • Sales partner is established in China
  • V-Mixing System Digital Mixing System
    With full digital processing based on Roland’s proprietary REAC* technology, this system provided both “comfort” and “high-quality” digital audio transfer for mixing at concerts and other events
    *REAC — Roland Ethernet Audio Communication
  • Acquires additional shares in a US music-production software-development company; the company becomes a part of the Roland group
  • Nationwide implementation of the Planet X program begins in Japan
  • C-30 Digital Harpsichord
    Digital Harpsichord Encased in a beautiful cabinet, this digital harpsichord delivers authentic tone infused with sophisticated control and expression—a brilliant rebirth of the harpsichord in the modern age.
  • Sales partner is established in Russia
  • SONAR V-Studio 700 Music-Production System
    This music-production system combines Cakewalk’s softwaredevelopment capabilities and Roland’s hardware technologies
  • V-Piano Digital Piano
    Equipped with a new sound generator that digitally reproduces the sound-generating elements of a piano, this revolutionary digital piano expands the possibilities of piano sound and performance
  • C-330 Classic Organ
    An electronic organ that is compact yet allows you to enjoy the solemn echoes and performances of a full-fledged pipe organ at home.
  • HP307 Digital Piano
    Equipped with the SuperNATURAL piano sound source to realize rich and natural tone change and archieve sound and expression power.
  • Europe central warehouse is started operation
  • V-Piano Grand Digital Piano
    The flagship model of Roland’s digital piano line incorporates the superb expressive power of the V-Piano sound engine.
  • JUPITER-80 Synthesizer
    The flagship model of Roland synthesizers that delivers unprecedented natural and rich performance expressions in live performances with its exclusively developed SuperNATURAL tones.
  • Video Canvas DV-7G Video Editor
    This tool let users achieve hi-vision video production easily.
  • INTEGRA-7 Sound Module
    This flagship sound module offers all of Roland’s sound libraries combined within a single unit.
  • Implementation of "Medium-term Business Plan (FY2014 to FY2016)
  • M-200i Live Mixing Console
    A pro-quality, all-in-one digital mixing console with iPad* control capability.
  • TE-2/MO-2/DA-2 Compact Pedals
    New-generation BOSS compact pedal with innovative Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP).
  • Delisted from the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • Regional headquarters in Europe is established in UK
  • Production company is established in Malaysia
  • FA-08 Synthesizer
    A synthesizer workstation with effortless real-time power, ultra-fast workflow, and maximum versatility.
  • VT-3/TB-3/TR-8 「AIRA」
    A new series of products designed to meet the evolving needs of today's electronic musicians. AIRA brings genre-defining sounds and modern performance features to a new generation.
  • JD-Xi Synthesizer
    Compact and powerful Interactive Analog/Digital crossover synthesizer with onboard pattern sequencer and vocal FX.
  • ELCajon EC-10 Electronic Percussion
    The world’s first hybrid cajon with built-in electronic sounds.


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